Saturday, 15 September 2012

Old Life Drawings

Life drawings from first year. Varying time frames, no more then 5 minutes. 

Interior atmosphere painting

My first attempt at digital painting, very simplistic and unpolished.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Character in environment

Traditional painting done in gouache. Character is painted on a separate layer of acetate. One of the few traditional paintings I actually enjoyed doing.

Hands and Feet

Hand and Foot study's. Black and White pencil used on an earthy card stock. Started with hands trying to capture light and shadow to describe form.

Textured Layout

First attempt at texturing with graphite. 

Diagonal Pan

Diagonal pan from first year.

Cleopatra Expressions

Cartooned version of Cleopatra, had lots of fun with this one.

Just an Old Farmer

Another first year character design.

New York Duck

Final character design assignment of year one. Traditional cleanup with ink. 

Monkey Swag Walk Cycle

Original character walk cycle, background is half assed but it's all about the animation. Inspired by swag. 

Flour Sack Archer


Final animation assignment in year one, liked how the action turned out so I took it to color. The spin is nicer in the pencil test, lost some frames when I was painting it at 5 in the morning.